One on One


Sport Specific Training

The vast majority of training concepts cross over all sports. However, sport specific training should be incorporated to address the specific demands of your sport. A gym setting isn’t always conducive to specific running and throwing drills and training outside of the gym becomes more important.

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The One on One Advantage

One on one training simply helps you achieve your goals in a shorter time window. It provides much more flexibility with exercise selection, intensity, and/or recovery based on the specific day. Overall programming serves as a general structure but the value of working one on one comes in the way of progressions, regressions, and a more watchful eye on exercise mechanics. Incorporating individual sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis combined with prescribed workouts in between yields the best results.


More Complex Training

In a one on one environment Kevin can incorporate more complex exercises without an increased injury risk. Every day is a little different and one on one training allows for real time progressions or regressions in exercise selection based on the day.